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Improve your Home
Indoor Air Quality.

Selection of Ventilation & AC Units for your Villa.

Free Online Consultation - Muneer Ahmed

Meet Muneer Ahmed

B.E, M.B.A, PMP, LEED Green Associate &

HVAC Expert

We are on the mission to Create Awareness and Increase Indoor Air Quality of 10,000 Villas by 2030 in United Arab Emirates.

Continuous living, under conditions of, Poor Indoor Air Quality in a villa may lead to long term effects such as Respiratory disease, Heart disease, Cancer, increase in risk of birth defects for the pregnant women and development problems in young children.


What We Specialize In

Air Conditioning


Energy Saving

Review Existing HVAC System

Improve Indoor Air Quality & Energy Efficient Villa HVAC Design 

Modern Home

The Journey Towards Healthy Living Shall Begin By Improving Indoor Air Quality of your home.

I thought AC system will take care of indoor air quality, but now i realize that air condition units have limited role to maintain indoor air quality.

- Abdul Bari

I use to feel happy that furniture is still new until I can smell the new  furniture. But now I realized that it is a dangerous chemical (VOC) which effects our health.

- Olivia Green

I realized that my kids are inhaling and exhaling same air, time and again for full night. As there is no fresh air supplied to the room, it leads to increase in C02 level.

- Will Jackson

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